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Food Quality

100% Fresh
Beef Burger
Our burger is made from fresh beef, without preservatives and additives or spices. It is produced at a local supplier and delivered daily to our stores to maintain its freshness and taste. Regular quality controls and microbiological analyzes are carried out based on European regulations by certified laboratories, which ensure its quality. In 2016 we received the award “BEST FOOD IN EUROPE – MADRID 2016” as the first TGI Fridays™ to develop a 100% fresh beef burger.
Homemade sauces
Our sauces are prepared daily in our kitchens from selected ingredients, ideally accompanying your favorite Fridays™ dishes.
Fresh buns
Our buns are made daily from high-quality ingredients without preservatives and delivered the same day to our stores, to lock in all the flavor of the signature Fridays™ Burgers.
Fresh potatoes
The delicious Potato Twisters are made from fresh potato cut into slices and garnished with fresh vegetables and homemade sauces. Our famous mash is made from whole, fresh potatoes and pure ingredients.
Selection of Suppliers
All our suppliers are strictly selected and certified to internationally recognized food safety standards (GFSI). Regular inspections are carried out in their facilities, as well as unannounced microbiological analyzes by the Quality Control Department, to ensure that our raw materials carry the same quality and safety characteristics every day. All our suppliers are evaluated annually, based on a number of quality criteria. All the raw materials we choose are of excellent quality and are tested daily to meet our specifications.
Technology & Control
We use the most advanced technologies and processes to ensure excellent quality and taste, combined with high safety.
Procedures & Inspections
In 2010 we were certified for the first time with the Food Safety Management System (HACCP) ISO 22000:2005. On a daily basis we observe and implement all necessary safety and hygiene procedures, as well as all controls to ensure that excellent food processing conditions are maintained. We remain committed to complying with all required and critical control points to ensure an environment with a high level of hygiene and safety. Regular and unannounced inspections are carried out in our restaurants both by the Quality Control team and by independent international organizations NSF, TÜV HELLAS (TÜV NORD), in order to ensure the high standard of all necessary procedures. The clear and pre-cleared control procedures in combination with our culture and the continuous training of our staff support our "Safety Always Comes First" policy.
Our staff is systematically trained in Safety & Quality Assurance issues, from their recruitment and throughout their working career. This training includes training seminars from the Quality Control team and from External Agencies, online assessments, but also daily assessment at the level of knowledge and practical applications, thus cultivating a culture oriented towards quality and safety.
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