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Wicked Spells


✨Wicked Spells: It’s not Halloween without a little hocus pocus!✨

Get ready for the ultimate Fridays™ Halloween experience!
TGI Fridays™ in collaboration with Cap Cap, join forces and invite you to explore the house of the witches and try the new super exclusive Spooky Halloween Dessert menu!???

To enter, you must be brave to avoid the magic spells and bold enough to try the new mouth-watering flavors that will make you lose your mind!

Wicked Spells Desserts:

?️Yummy Spider:
Chocolate soft cookie pie with Bueno filling. Served with chocolate or vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce.
?Wicked Pumpkin:
White chocolate blondie with pumpkin and cream cheese. Garnished with speculoos sauce, whipped cream and marshmallows.
?Bloody Velvet:
Red velvet with cream cheese and strawberry. Served with whipped cream and strawberry sauce.
Chocolate brookie (half brownie, half cookie) baked with chocolate chip cookie dough and peanut butter. Served with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce and crushed Oreo®.

Book your table and…Join the Fridays™ Halloween vibes!