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Α) Enrolment – card use policy:

  1. FRIDAYS CLUB CARD is a loyalty recognition program associated with the use of a member card within the network of its restaurants.
  2. All interested TGI FRIDAYS™ clients can become members of the FRIDAYS CLUB CARD program, provided that they ask for a members card from any FRIDAYS™ restaurant and then enroll online at the website: www.fridays.gr
  3. The card is activated upon completion of the enrolment process online, following the procedure below:

3.1 At the website: www.fridays.gr, in the FRIDAYS CLUB CARD category, the candidate member must go to the box LOG IN.

3.2 At LOG IN they must enter the 16 digit card number, found on the back of the FRIDAYS CLUB CARD, a valid e-mail address or their mobile phone number. Instantly they will receive a temporary password at their e-mail address or sms to their mobile phone number in order to complete the LOG IN process.

3.3 At the LOG IN box they will then enter the 16 digit card number and the temporary password that they received. They will then need to change their password for security reasons. Once they have changed their password they will then enter the enrolment form.

3.4 Upon completion of the enrolment form the account is then activated.

3.5 Within 24 hours they will receive an e-mail of successful enrolment.

3.6 If already a member of the FRIDAYS CLUB CARD program: they will need to follow steps 3.2 & 3.3 to view their customer profile, point status or to update their profile if necessary.

3.7 To monitor points, members may use the facebook connection at https://www.fridays.gr/login, giving the following information:

Facebook id






              Any further information the user has seen in public.

  1. According to the FRIDAYS CLUB CARD recognition program, every time that card holders use the card, they accumulate points which offer them special perks on the basis of a points award system (see below, pr.15 & 16).
  2. In order to accumulate points, the card has to be used before the issue of the bill.
  3. Better membership service will be achieved (meaning points registered in the card), upon presentation of the card to the waiter and asking for the points to be registered, before the bill is issued.
  4. Points cannot be registered to the card after the issue of the bill or after the member has left the restaurant.
  5. Members will not receive the discount coupons, unless they have activated their card through the online enrolment process stated above.
  6. Member cards are personal and non-transferable.
  7. Member cards are ownership of the company “FRIDAY’S KIFISSIAS S.A. and affiliated companies”, which have the right to interrupt the services or require the card to be returned by a member, should it be established that the said member will act in a manner that is against the moral and proper use of the FRIDAYS CLUB CARD.
  8. In case of card loss, members may contact the central offices at the following telephone number: 210 612993-4 on workdays, from 09:00 to 17:00.
  9. In the case of system failure due to factors that are beyond the responsibility of FRIDAY’S KIFISSIAS S.A., or/and affiliated companies, e.g. power failure or internet failure, which disable the electronic “crediting” of the member card with the points that correspond to the bill of that particular day, FRIDAY’S KIFISSIAS S.A., or/and affiliated companies shall be exempted from responsibility for such incident, which shall be deemed force majeure with no obligations for FRIDAY’S KIFISSIAS S.A., or/and affiliated companies.
  10. The employees of “FRIDAY’S KIFISSIAS S.A. and affiliated companies”, as well as their relatives up to second degree and wives and children thereof, are excluded from the use of a member card.
  11. FRIDAYS CLUB CARD is valid in Greece only. FRIDAYS CLUB CARD is not valid at TGI FRIDAYS™ at Astir Beach.


Β) Points award system:

  1. According to this program, every time that the card holders use the card, they accumulate points which offer them the following:

POINTS                        OFFER

3,000                            20€ discount

8,000                            30€ discount

16,000                          50€ discount

32,000                          100€ discount

  1. The points’ equivalence is as follows:

Monday to Thursday      1€= 12 points

Friday                           1€= 10 points

Saturday-Sunday           1€= 8 points

    1. As soon as the required points for each offer category are accumulated, the equivalent discount coupon is issued, which can be used by the members during their next visit to any FRIDAYS™ restaurant.
    2. In order to benefit from the equivalent discount, club members should have the discount coupon with them and present it before the bill is issued.
    3. The coupon cannot be exchanged for the equivalent amount of money and can be used only once, during a single visit to any FRIDAYS™ restaurant for a bill that is higher than or equal to the value of the coupon.
    4. Only one discount coupon per bill can be cashed.
    5. “FRIDAY’S KIFISSIAS S.A. and affiliated companies” do not bear any responsibility in case of loss or damage of the discount coupon, and the restaurants are not obliged to cash it or exchange it with a new one.
    6. When reaching each (award system) category, points are not zeroed. The system continues to accumulate points until it reaches 32.000 points, it then starts from the beginning.
    7. The points are valid for a rolling 12 month period. If the card isn’t used for twelve (12) consecutive months, it is then cancelled and loses all points accumulated until then.
    8. For information regarding their points, members may visit any FRIDAYS™ restaurant or visit the address: www.fridays.gr
    9. Participation of member card holders in the above program is automatic through the use of the card according to the above, provided that the card is valid and that its use has not been suspended for any reason.

C) Extra benefits

  1. Members may participate in special events, games and lotteries that are especially and exclusively designed and organized for them.
  2. Members have the possibility to use the member card, in order to have discounts and offers in a specified network of TGI FRIDAYS™ restaurants or associated companies.
  3. Members may be informed about the above companies and their offers, which are valid for a specified period and only upon display of the FRIDAYS CLUB CARD member card, through the information material available at the restaurants or/ and through the site www.fridays.gr
  4. In order to benefit from the privileges offered by associated companies, display of the card is required as a means of recognition of membership with the FRIDAYS CLUB CARD.
  5. Points are NOT accumulated in any case from any transaction with associated companies or restaurants that do not belong to the group “FRIDAY’S KIFISSIAS S.A. and affiliated companies”.
  6. The card may NOT be used as a credit or debit card for transactions between members and associated companies.
  7. “FRIDAY’S KIFISSIAS S.A. and affiliated companies” shall not bear any responsibility for any inaccurate understanding or any problems that might arise from any service or offer provided by associated companies.

D) Personal data -privacy

  1. “FRIDAY’S KIFISSIAS S.A. and affiliated companies” shall keep and process a personal data database in the sole purpose of supporting, promoting and carrying through their relation with their clients and offering them special benefits.
  2. “FRIDAY’S KIFISSIAS S.A. and affiliated companies” are authorized to transfer the data to associated companies of the group located in countries in or out of the EU, in case this is necessary for operational and data processing facilitation, or for statistical or archival reasons.
  3. Member card holders consent to the above collection and processing of their personal data, which enables “FRIDAY’S KIFISSIAS S.A. and affiliated companies” to use the said data for future information of the members about commercial, promotional and other marketing actions concerning the club and its associated companies.
  4. “FRIDAY’S KIFISSIAS S.A. and affiliated companies” guarantees the protection of such data from any illegal access and processing, as well as the use thereof solely for marketing purposes.
  5. “FRIDAY’S KIFISSIAS S.A. and affiliated companies” reserves the right to modify the procedures of the club, as well as the terms of reward, or to terminate the operation of the club altogether.
  6. In case a member accepts to carry out a transaction or communication, in order to receive an offer from an associated company of “FRIDAY’S KIFISSIAS S.A. and affiliated companies”, TGI FRIDAYS™ does no longer bear any responsibility for the processing or use of said member’s personal data.
  7. If at any moment a member wants to be de-enrolled from the club and to not receive information in the future, they may contact at: 210 6129933-4 or submit such request on the website www.fridays.gr. In this case, it is self-evident that any accumulated points will be cancelled, provided that they have not yet been cashed at the time of cancellation.
  8. I consent to the keeping and processing of my personal data in the database of “FRIDAY’S KIFISSIAS S.A. and affiliated companies” for my future information about commercial, promotional and other marketing actions concerning the club and its associated companies.