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A new TGI Fridays™ concept has emerged with handcrafted, Art-Is-Alan cocktails, bringing a New York vibe to your door via Wolt & efood.

The air smells of gin and freshly cut fruit. Alan is preparing yet another cocktail for someone’s palate… “We may have just met, but don’t be shy… tell me your troubles…”, he says while serving the cocktail.

Alan enjoys wandering the streets looking for inspiration for his next cocktail recipe. He has advice for every problem and can guess your favorite drink, even before you ask for it. And of course, his favorite hobby is “sip-chat”! All jokes aside with a sip and a confession everything will be better.

Alan’s “Signature Cocktails” come straight from New York to your door! How about trying a surprisingly refreshing Englishman in New York, a slightly spicy Hell’s Kitchen that will spice up your daily routine or a somewhat exotic Please Don’t Tell? The Aperol Spritz cocktails with a twist: Aperol & Friends will make you feel like one of the stars of “Friends” or Aperol & The City, will transcend you to downtown Manhattan, walking the streets alongside Carrie from “Sex & the City”!

Then again if you are the classic type, go to the “Classic Cocktails” category, where Negroni, Old Fashioned, Mojito and Zombie await you and many more.

Discover and enjoy your favorite cocktails via Wolt & efood.

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