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Fridays Club Card Benefits

Points in every visit

1. In every visit of yours, you gain points based on the table below:

  • Monday to Thursday      1€ = 12 points
  • Friday                              1€ =10 points
  • Weekend                         1€ =8 points

2. Every time you give us your card, the waiter that serves you updates your card (before the bill is issued) and we inform you of the points you have accumulated.

3. Once the points that are required for each category have accumulated, the equivalent coupons are automatically issued with your discounts, as they are written below:

Points                Coupon
  3.000               20€
8.000               30€
16.000               50€
32.000             100€

*Points are not zeroed per category, but they function additionally, till you reach 32.000 points. Afterwards, they start from the beginning and they are valid for a rolling 12 month period.


Gift meals for the members of Fridays Club

  • On the first Friday of the month, the 3 members that visited us the most during the previous month will be rewarded with a gift cheque of 50€ for a meal at TGI FRIDAYS™.
  • Every month, all members of Fridays Club that have visited any Fridays restaurant, automatically participate in the draw for 2 gift cheques of 20€ for a meal at TGI FRIDAYS™.

*Gift cheques are sent to the winners by e-mail. Members cannot win the gift cheque for a meal, two consecutive times


Contests only for the members of Fridays Club

Exclusive contests for participation in special events, exclusive parties, premieres and unique gifts, await you! Get informed by newsletters, social media and the TGI FRIDAYS™ site and state your participation!

*The winners of the contest will be informed by e-mail.