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November 17, 2017
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I am Anastasia and I am a Quality and Food Safety Officer at TGI Fridays™. My job is considered by someone very strict and demanding. In fact they are right, as the responsibility is huge, but this is what makes it so interesting and motivates me to become better and better!

The first thing that I appreciated at Fridays™, is how much they care for the safety of the guests. Also how important is for them to ensures both the excellent quality and the health of all those who prefer it.

In particular, in order to choose raw materials, we follow a rigorous procedure. We visit the premises of the prospective supplier and ensure that he adheres to all the hygiene and safety conditions of his own raw materials. In addition, we look at the general conditions prevailing both in the environment and the employees and we check the certification by the private entity that has it. As soon as we ensure safety, we must also ensure quality. Whether the raw material has to do with our standards and the tasteful result that we want at the end.

Beyond that, we check our products daily. So macroscopically seeing the smell, color and weight of the food of interest, as well as microbiological analyzes that are done at regular intervals in all stores. If we add public operators such as EFET and Healthcare to consumers, controlling production units, we will understand that we are very well protected and safe while enjoying our meals at FridaysΕ.

Apart from this, at Fridays the chefs attend special seminars that validate their position on safety issues, equipment management, cooking, knowledge and theories, and those who handle food attend an in-house special education seminar.

It is a fact that the amazing taste of food and drinks at Fridays™ is not just a matter of recipe and perfect execution. Everything starts with the raw materials and in combination with the culinary culture of our people, the result we enjoy is unique! The flavor of each dish is studied in detail and I think this is one of the factors that hardly resist anyone at Fridays™!

Yes, I love my job a lot. I love Fridays™ and I like to be able to be in a different place every day, whether traveling or doing internal inspections.

But most of all I like to be at the Fridays™ and enjoy my favorite cocktail, Old Cuban, with my favorite dish, Tahini Sour Chicken, with a delicious free-range chicken and the most delicious homemade sauce. Have you tried it? It has a great taste and is full of nutritional value. I expect you to enjoy it together. Surely you will meet me somewhere!