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November 17, 2017
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Because our Potato Twisters are as unique as the Tower of Pisa

You understand that the example you just read is random. For some people may be this is too much. But do you know something? Sometimes, only with the exaggeration you can describe something that itself is very good and incredibly true!

And our Potato Twisters belong to this category. And we say it without fear and passion!

Why these magical, turbulent potato washers that look like a jewel, a work of art, a dream sprang from a wizard’s hat …

… are really true, fresh, enjoyable and extremely crisp potatoes that bring local suppliers to our stores, keeping to the strictest specifications. Because when we talk about quality, we do not joke.

These potatoes fill our kitchens and we grace them in our hands, clean them methodically and offer them to you every day. So you can enjoy this gourmet miracle that makes you get you Friday from the very first fork whenever you wish!

And what are these Potato Twisters to watch on the video to provoke a thrill of excitement in some, enormous jealousy to others and unique joy of creativity in our Chef?

But, of course, they are crisp potato garlands which Β fried until they get that golden color that has the first morning sun and then they are poured with queso cheese sauce, garnished with Monterey Jack and freshly cut pico de gallo (tomato, onion and colander) homemade sour cream sauce, upsetting everyone once they reach them.

And now some bad guy will:

“And where do we know that?”

But you did not know until today that #MasKanateTsakotous , means you catch us, in our kitchen! That’s why we tell you, do not delay! Click the link, go to our kitchen and make your own conclusions!

And noticed … We want you to bring us up again soon. Stay tuned!