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November 17, 2017
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And why all our chefs are pulling … the cap!


The truth is that, for our burgers people said a lot. Usually you will hear about it that it is frozen . People criticize or underestimate it. But it has come to restore its honor and reputation as it deserves!

And to explain you better what we mean, it’s time to proudly declare that our burgers are not frozen, but they come from whole pieces of fresh, veal, unmixed (we repeat: without impurities! bring us the best local production units every day at our doorstep. To ensure that it retains its quality and flavor unchanged we are kept all the necessary controls (like our eyes are watching!).

That’s why our burgers transform our chefs into great artists. Because, what else could our chefs be than artists, sculptors, painters or poets when they take this burger into their hands and transform it into an incomparably fluffy, juicy burger that makes you get caught Friday of the first bite?

This delicious burger will see it to starring in our new video. You will watch with anxiety but also heart cracking being blamed for one moment and the other being justified and raised on the podium of success by our friend and our chef.

And in front of you, clothed with crunchy onion rings, embellished with a whole egg and surrounded by frying potatoes, as our epic Hangover Burger, you will feel the truth in you and you will also wish to have one of them.

Of course, it is certain that some of you will want to smell our burgers and say:

“What do you say, kids, and why should we believe this mince is not frozen?”

Of course, believe it! From the moment you entered our kitchen and #MasKanateTsakotous, means you catch us, you learned everything! Follow us, here (YT link) and now go to our chef’s counter.

And watch good. We are tempted to make us crackers. We will give you the opportunity again!